Working together to sustain success.

Once you’ve completed our 15-minute self-assessment we offer varying levels of support depending on your needs.

Developing high performance behaviours

To maximise learnings from your Radically Traditional Assessment, we recommend you start with a one-day workshop to:


Understand how the Centennials sustain success


Work out how Radical or Traditional you are


Identify areas for improvement


Set up projects to build and safeguard your strengths

These workshops have the most impact when we work with your critical people:


The people who help you look 20 to 30 years ahead, to understand how society is evolving, how you can shape it and how you can attract the best talent to do this.


The people who work with you for 10+ years to help you shape society.


The people who keep you at your cutting edge, constantly finding new things to do and new ways to do them.

Professor Alex Hill The Centre for High Performance

Following the one-day workshop, we can tailor a bespoke support package depending on your needs. To maximise the impact of your improvement projects, you’ll automatically become part of our high-performance community giving you access to our faculty, members and ongoing research.

Some of the 100+ organisations we’ve helped in the last 20+ years:

Help us shape society

Join our community
Using high performance insights to develop a stronger and more robust UK economy, society and environment.

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