Professor Alex Hill

How to create high-performing, long-lasting organisations? A 1-Day Workshop and 9 Months Coaching Support

Professor Alex Hill
December 11, 2018

Key Details

In this highly practical workshop, we’ll help you set up and implement projects that will transform your organisation. By using insights from our cutting edge research, and creating the opportunity for you work with other high-performing leaders, from a diverse range of sectors.

When: Thursday 28th February - 10am to 4pm.
Where: Citizen M Hotel overlooking Tower Bridge.
Cost: £500 for one person; £900 for two (+ VAT). Fee includes 2 x 30 minute follow up Skype coaching sessions to help you implement your actions & 6 months membership of our online resources.

Deadline for booking is 10th February 2019 and numbers are limited to 16 people.


76% of UK FTSE 100 companies have disappeared in the last 30 years. A focus on short-term results is creating short-lived success stories. The mark of a great organisation isn’t winning - it’s winning consistently. What do the All Blacks, NASA and the Royal Academy of Music do better and do differently, which enables them to consistently outperform their peers?

We focus a lot on how to create high performance, but pay too little attention to how to sustain it. Inspired by a desire to understand more, we’ve spent 7 years studying some of the world’s best examples of long-term success.

‍Our findings, published in the The Harvard Business Review (How Winning Organizations Last 100 Years), can be summed up in two words: Radically Traditional.

They are Traditional, as they build and safeguard a stable core:

Stable purpose - they aim to shape society engage future talent, and create a culture of stewardship

Stable stewardship - they keep critical leaders in role for 10+ years and carefully manage handovers, to codify what works

Stable openness - they openly share their insights and invite feedback from others

But also Radical, as they deliberately create a disruptive edge, to keep evolving:

Disruptive experts - they use the world’s best talent, and bring the outside in

Disruptive nervousness - they get better everyday, by relentlessly unpicking success & failure

Disruptive accidents - they create bumps between different experts, and live like a family

How the day will work

This highly practical workshop brings together high performing leaders and organisations from a variety of sectors - such as the arts, business, education, science, sport and technology. To share best practice, and use the insights from our research to help you develop and implement projects that can transform your organisation.

The day will be split into 4 parts:

Part 1 - Learn from our research

How have the Centennials sustained their success? How are they different to everyone else? And what you can learn from them?

Part 2 - Assess your organisation

Are you Radically Traditional? What strengths do you need to build or safeguard?

Part 3 - Learn with others

In-depth workshops on the different aspects of the model, to help you: Stabilise your core (purpose, stewardship and openness). And disrupt your edge (experts, nervousness and accidents).

Part 4 - Set up improvement projects

To help you create and sustain success.

The day will be facilitated by Professor Alex Hill, who led the research. Alex has worked with a wide range of high-performing arts, education, military, service, sport and technology organisations. And was identified by the Thinkers50 as one of 30 management thinkers most likely to shape how future organisations are managed and led.

After the workshop, you’ll become part of our ‘high-performance’ community, with continued access to our faculty, members and ongoing research. To help maximise the impact of your improvement projects, and learn from others also trying to sustain success.

Who’s it aimed at?

Key leaders who are interested in building the organisation’s success for the long term, including:

- Senior business leaders
- Design and innovation teams
- Human resource teams
- Sales and marketing teams
- Entrepreneurs
- Policy makers

We recommend two people from each organisation attend, to enable you to work together following the session on how best to implement these ideas. You will work alongside senior leaders from 8 to 10 other high-performing organisations, from a range of sectors, bringing a diverse range of perspectives, ideas and practices.


Find out more and book your place by calling Sarah Campbell on +44 (0) 20 7928 4841 or email


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