Professor Alex Hill

Leaders Performance Podcast

Professor Alex Hill
November 21, 2018

Click here to listen to Professor Alex Hill as he spoke at the conclusion of the Leaders Meet: Human Performance summit at Williams F1 HQ where the great and the good of the Leaders Performance Institute gathered to hear insights from worlds as diverse as motorsport and neurosurgery.

Professor Alex Hill has been involved with the Institute's Leadership Development Days, where he raised the concept of centennial organisations: those which have stood the test of time and warded off their competition over the course of a century. The seven that made up his recent study included the Royal College of Art, NASA and the New Zealand All Blacks – diverse in their operations but bearing some remarkable similarities in what Hill terms ‘radically traditional qualities’.

He also touches upon:

- Why successful organisations have a stable core (purpose) and a disruptive edge;

- The risks of letting arrogance impair learning;

- The value of nervousness and openness;

- Why stewardship can be more valuable than leadership;

- His observation that the most successful companies are often intentionally inefficient.

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